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Jim Pace

Jim Pace

 Jim died on February 27, 1970, during the Vietnam War when the helicopter in which he was flying took a direct hit.  He had been in the country for only a short time when the accident happened.

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05/23/11 02:47 PM #1    

John Buchanan

Although we weren't close friends, I remember Jim as a super nice guy who always had a smile on his face.  His red hair reminds me of my 21 year old grandson's who happens to be serving in the army in Iraq.// John Buchanan, 5/23/11

05/25/11 11:23 AM #2    

Gary (Aka Weston) DeWalt

Jim served as a helicopter pilot in Vietnam. He was in-country no more than a couple of months when a helicopter he was aboard took a direct hit. I've been to Washington, D.C. many times since the dedication of the Vietnam Memorial. I've never been able to face paying it a visit. Jim was a good, close friend and his loss, all these years later, seems so needless. 

05/31/11 12:33 PM #3    

Rod Mackenzie

 I remember exactly where I was the day I heard Jim had been killed. That guy could always make me laugh, don't ever remember seeing him down, always smiling. The last time I saw Jim was when we were playing summer ball for Mr. Handy in Richardson. Don't remember what position I was playing, but remember looking into the stands and there was Jim sitting in the bleachers, had all the girls laughing. We double dated in that old white volvo a couple of times. Good memories.


08/02/11 12:32 PM #4    

Bob Rankin

Jim Pace was one of my very best friends in school and also later on in life.  My wife (Barbara) and I got the call from Lindy the night the military called her about Jim's death. I'll never forget that night and the call from Lindy.  We attended the funeral in Plano also.

God Bless Jim!!!

Bobby Rankin

02/21/12 06:55 PM #5    

Nancy Smith (Barnes)

Jim was my neighbor & our parents were friend as were Jim & I. He was always alot of fun & when I heard of his death right after it happened, I thought, why him?  And, yes, he was very funny and made us all laugh.  Isn't that a nice way to remember a person from our past!

05/06/12 07:07 PM #6    

Joan Hutton (King)

You never forget your first love.  Jim and I dated briefly in our Sophmore year. 
The last time I saw Jim he was in his uniform and looking very handsome and I was very pregnant with our son.

He looked wonderful.  I looked fat.

05/07/12 09:46 AM #7    

Gretchen Lawrence

Some vivid memories of Jim:

Remember the song The Llion Sleeps Tonight"? Somehow Jim got the PA system operator to play that song while he and some other guys walked across the football field with a casket (and where did they get that?) with a stuffed lion hanging out of it. It was a Carrolton Lions game, and they were always our big rivals.I think we lost, but Jim sure fired up the crowd!

And senior trip. Jim dressed in an old flannel gown and put on a hair net with pink foam rollers stuffed in it, and tried to sneak into our cabin. I think it was Bill Bain's mom, who said "Nice try Jim!"

Last time I remember seeing him was at graduation. He was right behind me in line and we laughed all the way through the ceremony.

I have touched his name on the Viet Nam Memorial in DC. Very sobering and sad to lose such a wonderful guy.

05/28/12 11:06 AM #8    

Gary (Aka Weston) DeWalt

Remembering Jim Pace on this Memorial Day. On 27 February 1970, Jim was aboard Lucky Strike, a UH-1D helicopter in the Ba Xugen Province of Vietnam, when it was struck by a B-40 (variant of an RPG)  rocket and exploded in midair. An account of the action in which Jim lost his life can fe found at:

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